A fiery, freckly redhead. Mom to two way cooler versions of myself. Wife to my college sweetheart. Lover of chips + queso. Chronic late night snacker. Professional photo taker. 



I care so much about preserving memories. I have stacks of my kids coloring pages all over because it pains me to throw any of their art away. I am constantly reminded each time I see a new freckle on their noses how fast time is moving before me. I want to be able to go directly back in time to the moments that I cherish the most. The memories that my heart holds onto with the fiercest grip. 

A photo is like a time capsule.

My photographs freeze time. They have the ability to take you right back to the way your loved ones arms feel wrapped tight around you. They evoke all the senses, allowing you to smell their skin, hear their laughs, taste all the sweetness. Taking photos is my way of bottling up all the things I never want to forget. I do this because life's fleeting moments are the ones that deserve to be remembered.

The power of a photo

I am a documentary style photographer.I thrive off capturing the in-between moments + everything else that surrounds them. I fall deeply in love with each one of the couples + families I have worked with. I'm not just a professional photographer, but also a professional hype girl. I give my all + smear my heart all over your photos.

my process