Video Package:


The Highlight Reel, which is a 4-6 minute video that captures all of the highlights of the day. The Highlight Reel is perfect way to relive your day over + over again. 

We deliver a 4-6 Minute Highlight Reel. We also give you ALL THE RAW FOOTAGE of the entire ceremony, speeches, first dances + cake cutting (this RAW footage reel is about 1 hour long). As much we wish we could deliver video as fast as photo, it’s not possible. Video is actually 10x more time-consuming in the editing process. We have to watch all the footage, edit out the bloopers, sync audio, put clips together to tell the story properly, find the right music, etc. We deliver video within 10-14 weeks.

In order to give your wedding the highest quality audio and video possible, we use a wireless microphone during the ceremony in order to perfectly capture your vows. This can be attached to either the bride or the groom. You can request not to use the wireless microphone, but keep in mind that this is the best way to capture your vows.


drone footage includeD in highlight reel!