I’ve spent many moments with my camera in my hands. Here is what I specialize in + can offer to you.


Couples are my favorite to shoot. Want to run around some sand dunes? I’m down. Go grab drinks at your favorite bar in the college town you met at? Count me in. Whether you need photos for engagement, anniversary, maternity, or simply just because I want to be there to capture that experience for you.


Does the big hoopla of wedding days freak you out? Me too, to be honest. Considering eloping? I’m here to help you plan out all the different ways to celebrate your love the way it was meant to be.


I’ve shot weddings as little as 5 people + weddings over 300 people. As much as I enjoy the hype of large scale weddings, I started to feel after while that something was getting lost in those big productions + the true reason why we come together for weddings started to fade out.

For that reason, I no longer am booking weddings of 100+ guests. By having these smaller, intimate weddings I am able to capture every single moment in it’s entirety. I adore every second of being able to devote myself to the fullest for my couple’s + all their loved ones.