I’m Rachel. Lover of Harry Potter, La La Land + anything dipped in queso.


my baby daddy
my tiny humans
my two sisters
dirty rap songs
the month of May
neon lights


One of my favorite professors in college once told me that you can tell a lot about who a person is by the books on their bookshelves. For me, when I walk into someone’s home I gravitate towards all the photos that are hung on the walls, thoughtfully placed in picture frames, displayed for anyone who is special enough to enter their home to see. Pictures obviously tell stories of moments that would otherwise be lost if not captured. But for me, they also convey deep emotion of what was being felt within those moments. I’m a feeler. I like to feel.


Karaoke Song:

Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio

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beauty is defined differently by everyone. you will leave from our time together feeling beautiful not just from the outside, but also from within.

I will call you Beyonce’ + you will feel drunk in love.



My direction to engage couples in creating organic moments is always very gentle. I use the verb flirt a lot.



I’m a very emotional human. This totally translates in the images I create. I will be very honed in on your emotions towards each other to help fuel the passion during our time together.



My energy level is pretty much on high all of the time. I love when people call me their hype girl. My goal is to make sure the vibe is always vibrant + easy going.

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What is the delivery time for a wedding gallery?

What is the delivery time for a portrait session gallery?

Do we get all of the photos?

How do you deliver the photos?

How do I book?

Do I meet with couples before booking?


I deliver wedding galleries within 6-8 weeks. Standard time in the industry is somewhere between 8-10 weeks.

I deliver portrait session galleries within 3-5 weeks. It all really depends on how many sessions are in my editing bank + what part of the season I am in! Never more than 5 weeks.

All of the great ones, absolutely. The only photos I do not deliver is mid-blinking, blurry or unflattering photos that we know you won’t have any desire to print/have. My average delivery is 400-700 photos. But I do not put a cap on how many. Sometimes I deliver over 1,000 photos! It just depends on how long I am hired for, if you hired a second shooter + how much goes on come wedding day. I do not send you any RAW (un-edited) photos – you are hiring me for my editing style + I hope you trust that I send all the right photos.

Online Viewing Gallery with full High-Resolution photos. No watermarks or logos will be on the photos. I will give you a download code so you have full access to your pictures + you can share/print away.

After you inquire, I will send over an official quote that fits whatever package that works for you like best. Following will be the contract + wedding questionnaire + that’s it. There is a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit due at booking. That deposit reserves your wedding + travel dates in my calendar, but will remain open to all other prospective clients until paid. The balance is due 30 days before the wedding. Easy Peasy.

Yes totally. Connection is huge + I want to lay expectations out right in the beginning. I ask with every inquiry I receive that we set up a FaceTime or video chat to get to know each other better. I’m also 100% open to meeting you for coffee, drinks, or chips + queso! Whatever your comfortable with, as long as we can connect.