I believe your love story is exceptional, and your photos should be too. 


Hey! I'm Rachel.

We are probably the perfect fit for each other if:






I'm a red headed, middle child with a lot of drive. I was raised in the mountains of New Mexico + moved to Denver to pursue whatever my dreams were 8 years ago. I came to Colorado + never looked back. I am a mom to two of the coolest children ever birthed to this earth. I spend the majority of my time with them. Learning from them. Learning with them. It's pretty amazing. My son Dell says he wants to be an astronaut + my Audrey girl is the spunkiest tiny human you'll ever meet. They both fuel me. I married my college sweetheart. We met in the dorms + the rest is history. We weren't the typical college couple though. Instead of making out between classes, we were on campus switching off our son so we could each finish our degrees. I was supposed to be an English teacher after college, but literally the day I graduated I got my first camera as a gift. Fast forward 4 years later + here I am! 

I like to be challenged. Throw an obstacle at me + I'll find a way through. There's a song my kids + I listen to about these people going on a bear hunt. Most of the time "they can't go under it. They can't go over it. They just have to go through it" + I like to think I do that too. 

If you are my client, you're likely to come inside my home + see my picture covered walls. I take photographs + use them as a return ticket to memories otherwise lost. Everything changes in life so quickly. Who would any of us be if we couldn't look back in time to see how our lives have changed, how history has changed, how the world has changed? The value of photos are immeasurable + it's my life duty to leave behind as many captured memories for people as I can. 

Snippets About Me:

I am a Gemini. So is my husband. Our personalities can sometimes create a war zone inside our home, but I think being a gemini is kinda like being an ogre. We have layers. 

I am a collector. Always have been. I used to collect stamps, pokemon' cards, tiny spoons from different states. My latest is vintage cameras for my desk.

I am the middle child between two of the most incredible sisters. I am beyond lucky that after all the years of stealing their clothes, locking them out of my room + blaming them for pretty much everything that went bad in my world [calling me a drama queen is such an understatement] we are still best friends. I have two precious nephews who mean just as much to me as my own children. My sister Meghan + I were pregnant together + our babies were born 7 days apart. Even though Melanie is my baby sister + it should probably be the other way around, I look up to her in every way. 

I am a sour-over-sweet kind of person. Sour apple is my preferred flavor of anything, I'll eat pickles over doughnuts all day long + there is nothing that beats a super sour beer or a yummy whiskey sour. 

I shattered my tibia bone snowboarding recently. Fun fact: the tibia bone is the second hardest bone to break in your entire body. + I just so happened to shatter mine into pieces. I had to get two major reconstructive leg surgeries that left me with a ballin' limp + some cadaver bones in my body. I promise if I'm limping at your session or wedding, I'm okay, just super gangster! I am accident prone AF. I grew up an athlete, so getting hurt just came with the territory. But ask anyone who knows me, I trip over shadows + run into walls I'm just a clumsy gal. It never fails to make people laugh though.  



meet melanie:

As Rach has already mentioned, I’m the youngest of the sisters. Being the youngest, I got to learn how to take on life. Sometimes I learned how not to do things, but more often than not, I learned how to do things. Both my sisters are insanely talented + creative + I’ve always wanted to be like + with them. 

I have many dreams that I want to conquer in life—one of which came true when my sister hired me as her go to videographer/second-shooter. 

Our family is very unique. We are passionate, emotional, quirky, + imperfect—but goddammit we love like no other group of homosapiens on this earth [that’s because we are aliens 👽 lol jk... or am I?]. Which explains why i am so passionate about the human experience + capturing it through my preferred avenue, videography—I love how it ebbs + flows like a dance, how it’s a puzzle waiting to be solved, how it forces you to constantly frame life + look for those hidden moments to be captured, + how it evokes emotion. However, I also love to paint, sing, dance, make music, + take photos—basically, I LOVE + LIVE to create. 

I just returned home from a semester studying in Spain + traveling all around Europe. I’m very grateful for that experience + strongly feel it has changed my outlook on my life + future. I recently finished my undergraduate degree with a BA in Media Arts from the University of New Mexico.  With that chapter of my life closing, I’m now striving to live a life full of creativity, love, + enrichment. 

I have a kitty son named King Wavy who I love more than life itself + a boyfriend named Marc who is my pretty rad partner in life. We both share a passion for film + video—so, chances are you’ll see him flying the drone if you hire us for your special wedding day. 

Rachel is the fireball + I’m the chaser—I’m not nearly as exciting as she is, but I can add a lil something to your day. 

Now, do you, [fill in the blank], take me, Melanie Sanderson, to be your wedding videographer?


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