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I’m Rachel but most people call me Rach. I’m a lover of aliens, neon lights + anything dipped in queso.

I have been a creator since 1991 + have been collecting memories my whole life.

I’m a mom to the world’s coolest children + wife to my hunk of husband. All that I do is for them. They are my why. My purpose.

I’m also a middle sister to the best sisters on this planet. Without them I’d simply be socks without feet.

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One of my favorite professors in college once told me that you can tell a lot about who a person is by the books on their bookshelves. For me, when I walk into someone’s home I gravitate towards all the photos that are hung on the walls, thoughtfully placed in picture frames, displayed for anyone who is special enough to enter their home to see. Pictures obviously tell stories of a time that can be returned to. But for me, they also convey deep emotion of what was being felt within those moments. Having the ability to bring someone back to a feeling they once felt by seeing themselves, their joy, their lives in a photo- that is a superpower.

i’m a feeler. i like to feel.